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Scent Crusher Roller Bag

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The Scent Crusher® Ozone Roller Bag makes traveling a snap. The large bag gives you the extra space needed for those long hunting trips and has the extra amenities needed for them! The Ozone Roller Bag has incorporated an extendable handle, heavy-duty wheels and new sturdy structure construction.

  • Works with all Scent Control clothing
  • Reinforced pull straps
  • Heavy-duty rugged roller wheels
  • Heavy duty extendable pull handle
  • Outer Pockets
  • Built in Insulated Pouch for Snacks
  • 12v and 120v Charging Cords Included
  • 4+ Hours on Single Charge
  • 2 Hour Recharge Time
  • Portable Ozone Unit
  • Whisper Quiet Circulation Fan
  • Destroys Odor in 30 Minutes
  • Weather-Resistant Base
  • Heavy Duty Zippers