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DeerGro PlotStart

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All Natural Liquid Calcium

PlotStart® is a spray that provides instantly available calcium to the soil and plants. Historically, lime has been the source of calcium. However, with traditional lime taking months to activate and liquid lime only lasting a single season, PlotStart® begins working the moment it touches the ground and provides available calcium for years to come.

1 acre = 2.5 gallon

Coverage Area

PlotStart® coverage will average from 2.5-5 gallons/acre depending on your soils calcium needs.

Where To Use

PlotStart® is recommended for use on all food plots and forage crops when soil health or Calcium levels are low.

How To Use

PlotStart® can be soil applied pre-plant at rates of 2.5-5 gallons/acre or on foliar sprayed on established food plots at the rate of 1-2 gallons/acre.

PlotStart® can be applied through any hand, backpack, atv or tractor sprayer.

When To Apply

PlotStart® should be applied to tilled soil when food plots are established or as a foliar application to established food plots.

Shelf Life

PlotStart® has a shelf life of 5 years.


To avoid the formation of insoluble precipitates, DO NOT mix PlotStart® with materials containing phosphates or sulfates.

Thoroughly flush any pumps, tanks or hoses with water to ensure no cross contamination occurs.

DO NOT mix PlotStart® with 2-4D Amine or any glyphosate based herbicide. When in question, always do a jar test to ensure compatibility before tank mixing PlotStart® with other materials.