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DeerGro PlotBoost

$24.99 - $214.99
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Soil, Seed & Foliar Treatment

PlotBoost® is a spray applied to actively growing plants to promote better growth and fertilizer uptake, greater resistance to drought, disease and insects, and increased nutrient capacity leading to healthier and bigger deer.

Where To Use

PlotBoost® is recommended for use on all food plots and forage crops of any type.

How To Apply

PlotBoost® should be applied at a rate of 32 oz./ acre to established food plots and forage crops.

PlotBoost® can be applied through any hand, backpack, atv or tractor sprayer.

When To Apply

PlotBoost® should be applied 10-14 days after plant emergence to enhance plant development, nutrient uptake and protein content. For best results spray when plants have adequate moisture and are actively growing, not drought stressed. For best results, spray early in the morning or late in the afternoon before temperatures exceed 85 degrees F.

How Often To Apply

PlotBoost® can be applied every 30-45 days to maximize production and the relative feed values of all food plots.

Shelf Life

PlotBoost® has a shelf life of 4 years.


DO NOT apply in midday temperatures exceeding 85 degrees F.