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Scent Crusher Covert Closet

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Now have the best of both worlds with Scent Crusher’s NEW Covert Closet. Use as a roller bag on the go and have all the features of the closet at the lodge! This new bag transforms into a covered closet while you are stationary and back to a roller bag for mobility. Using the NEW battery-operated Halo Generator either in the bag compartment or on the garment rack when setup, it will be sure your items are scent-free and ready for your next hunt.

  • Works with all Scent Control Clothing
  • Reinforced Pull Straps
  • Heavy-Duty Rugged Roller Wheels
  • heavy duty extendable pull handle
  • 12v and 120v Charging Cords Included
  • Easy Setup
  • 4+ Hours on Single Charge
  • 2 Hour Recharge Time
  • Portable Ozone Unit
  • Whisper Quiet Circulation Fan
  • Weather-Resistant Base
  • Heavy Duty Zippers